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Vintage Sheet Quilt is quilted!

Rather than SITD, I quilted a line 1/4” on either side of each seam.  I was considering doing an allover loopy design, because I do worry about the integrity of some of these fabrics.  Maybe heavier quilting would make everything hold up longer.  I don’t really know how I made the decision.  But I like the way it looks now.

I’m having a tough time choosing the binding.  I have made 4 quilts so far and 3 of them have been bound in dark purple.  I don’t even know what’s up with that, because my favorite color is by far cobalt blue.

Guess what.  I was leaning toward dark purple for this quilt, too.  I think it would look really good with the front of the quilt.  Unfortunately, the back of the quilt has basically no purple in it.  There is a small amount of lilac, but not much.  So the dark purple does not look good with the back.

I got opinions from 2 coworkers last night (non-quilters).  In the last 2 pictures, the fabrics are Kona Tan, Lake, Bahama Blue, Crocus, Wisteria, and Natural (left to right).  

Both coworkers liked Lake with the back, but agreed Crocus looked better for the front.  Their idea was to figure out how to make binding that is one color on the front and one color on the back.  

Now I’ve seen binding that is multicolored in chunks, but never one color on the front and one on the back.  Is that even possible?

What would you choose?  (It doesn’t have to be one that is pictured, and you can say a color rather than a specific fabric).  If you say double sided binding, though, you better be prepared to give me a tutorial!  :)

Also, what do you think of the quilting?  Would you have quilted more or a different design?  Should I add more?

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  3. dannasdesigns answered: Lake also gets my vote :)
  4. bluedesignwall answered: Green tending towards the darker shades but not too dark. Your quilting looks great leave it as is. Good luck with the machine.
  5. missmorange answered: I’d go with the bright blue. But that could just be because I like crazy bright colours.
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