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OK…  I am pretty sure I’m safe posting this here because the intended recipient does not follow CraftyVet, just my main blog…  

My sweet Tumblr friend Snapthistiger has sent me not only a variety of teas to try out, but also this teapot! 

The tea is really helping me cope with my recent No Alcohol challenge.  Instead of reaching for a glass of wine when I want some comfort, I make a cup of tea.  

Snap has the same teapot (I am pretty sure), so I decided to make him a tea cozy out of tiger fabric.  :)  The outside is actual tigers, the inside is just a tiger print.  I made a little mug rug to go along with it.

This project reaffirmed my conviction that bias tape is the Devil, but in the end I think it looks pretty okay.  For the mug rug, I just gave up and hand-sewed the bias tape on, which worked way better than trying to force the machine to go around curves.  

I hope he does have the same teapot because I made the tea cozy small to fit it.  If it’s a bigger one it won’t fit!  The pattern I have is from a Sewing For Dummies set (it has potholders, a tea cozy, and a few other things) and their tea cozy is HUGE.  It could fit over a gallon of milk with room to spare.  When I made one for my Mom I sized it down and it worked out well.  So…  here’s hoping.  I’ll mail it off on Tuesday since the P.O. is closed Monday.  

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